Risk and Fraud Management

Get ready to enjoy a complete set of features that minimize risks and fraud, ensuring success in all your payment operations.

Payment security solutions

Check out the solutions we offer to guarantee incredible conversion rates with security and high performance.

KYC verification

Embedded KYC guarantees the verification of documents and other user behavior and profile data, essential to guarantee the integrity of payments, mitigating the risk of fraud and financial losses for the operator.

Extensive database

WEpayments has its own extensive database that allows it to accelerate the validation of the user’s identity and document status, optimizing transaction processing and the end-user experience.


End user transparency

Receive the reasons for transaction denials, with details on whether it is a temporary or permanent block, essential information for making assertive decisions.


Automatic reconciliation

With automatic reconciliation, all amounts credited have previously been verified and are free from disputes, fraud, suspicious or irregular activities with local legislation, contributing to the flow of operations and financial management.


Transactional monitoring

Our transactional monitoring intelligence proactively reports suspicious activity, reducing operator exposure to financial risks and enabling them to take actions to mitigate other risks.

Security features that really make a difference to your business


Document check

Validates user information on our lists, preventing transactions from people with inactive, incorrect or illegal documents, including document checks with the Federal Revenue Service and international sanctions lists (UN, Interpol, EURO, OFAC).


CPF Mismatch

Feature activated according to industry or client demand to block payments from a payer CPF different from the one registered in the billing process on the platform. This way, we prevent the use of third-party identities.


End user age validation

End user age verification to maintain legal compliance when necessary, ensuring all users are above the legal age to carry out any transaction.

One stop shop solution

A unified platform where funds for payin are used for processing payouts, ensuring optimal performance, integrated eFX solution, competitive and transparent fees all compliant with the Brazilian regulation. 


High Speed pay-in

Payments processed in fractions of a second with guaranteed reprocessing – intelligence to increase conversion.

Best performance for pay-out

Consumers paid under 30 seconds, speeding up replenishment and building fidelity.

Count on the security of having a complete platform

Reduce risks and fraud in your payment transactions with WEpayments. We help increase your profits with security features that guarantee conversion and high performance.