Maximize your operations by processing local payments with speed, efficiency, and high conversion performance.

High-performance payments tailored to diverse business models

With WEpayments’ pay-in, you can offer Brazil’s most popular payment methods and transact in local currency (BRL), while settling funds globally in any currency to any entity.

Solutions designed for your company's success

We provide personalized services customized to the specific needs of each sector, combining individual attention with advanced technology. Inspired by haute couture, our approach emphasizes precision and attention to detail, adapting to the unique needs of each client.

With WEpayments, you ensure:


Conversion focus

Achieve conversion rates above 90% with a variety of payment methods, redundant processing, and intelligent routing.


Operational reliability

With our constantly updated platform in compliance with all local regulations, you can facilitate your access to Brazil while reducing operational and regulatory burdens.


Balance between performance and security

Rely on our smart fraud prevention and risk management solutions, which offer flexible and customized security layers for your business.

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conversion rate*

*depending on the payment method

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API availability

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transactions completed in seconds*

*depending on the payment method

Maximize your revenue, increase conversion rates, and expand your customer base

Combine the main local payment methods at checkout to reach diverse audiences and democratize access to your products and services.



The fastest-growing payment method in the country available to your customers. PIX is an alternative, secure, inexpensive payment method with instant confirmation, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


One of the most traditional payment methods in Brazil, boleto bancário allows online and physical store transactions, impacting even those customers without bank accounts.


Credit card

Over 45%* of online transactions in Brazil are made with local credit cards. Boost your average ticket size and achieve better approval rates by accepting local cards and common installment methods in the Brazilian market.

*Source: Payment Methods Statistics – Central Bank of Brazil


Sell locally and receive globally with integrated currency exchange solutions


Remove barriers

Offer the convenience of local currency payments to your target audience, simplifying transactions.


Currency operations

Receive funds collected through your Pay-In operation in the desired currency at any bank worldwide, with transparent exchange rates and remittance costs.


Flexible settlement

Work with a dedicated eFX team to secure the most favorable and economical exchange rates, offering more flexibility for your decision-making.

WEpayments' pay-in: how does the payment flow work?



Customers pay in local currency using their preferred method—credit card, boleto bancário, or Pix.



WEpayments securely captures, validates, and processes the payment with high performance.


National or international settlement

Funds are sent to the merchant’s preferred bank account. For international settlement, a currency exchange operation is conducted.

Experience a unified solution

A unified platform where funds collected through Pay-In are utilized to process Pay-Out payments. Our integrated eFX solution, featuring competitive and transparent rates, ensures optimized operational performance.


Simultaneous currency exchange

Achieve speed and simplicity in processing local payments for third parties using your own sales balance, with streamlined execution of international payments.*

*The same taxes as in effective flow operations apply.


Automated or manual balance transfer

Ensure balance for your pay-out operations by customizing rules for transferring your pay-in receivables, or enjoy the freedom to perform the operation whenever you choose.

Optimize your operational control

Simplified reconciliation

Automatic receipt of payment and billing statuses ensures precise financial management.

Monitoring and daily reports

Use our dashboard to track operation statuses, view transaction details, and access a summary of your daily operation with Pay-In balances and cash flow predictability.

Subwallet and approval control

Track subwallet movements, submit and track the validation of customer and sub-account documents.*

*Applicable to some business models

Redefining the intersection of performance and security

Experience the speed and efficiency of uninterrupted transactions, combined with a secure financial environment that complies with various business models.


High-performance payments

Secure transactions in the blink of an eye

Experience high-speed payment processing and performance with transactions and validations occurring in fractions of seconds.


Optimized operations

Deliver the best experience for your customer

Benefit from features that reduce transaction latency and streamline registration while maintaining security, ensuring a seamless experience for the end user.


Regulatory excellence

Navigate through a complex regulatory landscape with ease

Our platform strictly follows industry payment standards and compliance requirements for operational excellence.

WEpayments is a Payment Institution authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil

We offer the assurance of technological, financial, and regulatory security to help businesses reach a new level of operational excellence.

Integrate your operation quickly and accelerate your time to market


Ensure quick and seamless integration with our RESTful API-based payment solution using JSON (Javascript Object Notation). Guarantee high scalability, transaction security, and system stability.


Process up to 20,000 payments at once with our dashboard. Access all API functionalities available in the Dashboard, including balance inquiries, payment status checks, and issuance of receipts.


Simplify your integration process with our Plug and Play tool for WooCommerce. Enjoy intuitive and personalized navigation during the setup of billing and checkout steps.

More than payments

Have a solution that boosts your operation and provides strategic support for expanding your business.


Support at every stage

The Sales Engineers team is ready to facilitate your journey from the implementation phase of the solution, as well as continuous alignment and maintenance to ensure an excellent experience for your business.

Focus on your success

A dedicated Customer Success area focused on finding solutions that positively impact your business, addressing your needs and goals, and driving the scalability of your operations in the Brazilian market.


Specialized support

Humanized support ready to ensure high-performance resolutions with minimal wait times, offering an exceptional experience for you and your customers.


Legal Assistance and Compliance

Legal support for constant adaptation to new regulations and maintenance of compliance standards required by Brazilian authorities.

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