The most popular instant payment method in Brazil, now at your customers’ fingertips. WEpayments’ Pix ensures secure transactions, 24/7.

Discover Pix

The Brazilian instant payment system, Pix, was created in 2020 by the Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen) and has revolutionized the way people, banks, and businesses interact with money.

Pix is a robust, easy-to-use alternative payment method with lower operational costs, making it one of the most widely used payment methods in Brazil.

+ 0 %

of financial transactions in Brazil use Pix*

*Source: Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen)

+R$ 0 trillion

trillion moved in 2023*

*Source: Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen)

+ 0 million

registered users*

*Source: Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen)

Maximize your conversion by enhancing customer experience

Reach a larger audience

According to the Central Bank, 70% of Brazilian consumers used Pix as a payment method in 2023.

Gain speed and security

Created by the Central Bank of Brazil, the Pix payment method operates 24 hours a day, including national holidays and weekends.

Work with a competitive method

Even as a Brazilian payment method, Pix accounts for about 16% of the e-commerce payment market share in Latin America.

Make selling easier with WEpayments' Pix


Dynamic QR Code

Exclusive QR codes for each transaction.

Payment reminders

Customized reminders for recurring payments or those with longer expiration periods.


Code expiration time

Autonomy to set the expiration time for the charge.



Encourage Pix payments by offering fixed or percentage discounts.

Instant confirmation

Fast payment confirmation and optimized cash flow.

Fees and fines

Mitigate payment delays by charging additional fees for late payments.*
*Applicable for some industries

Subscription and recurring

Recurring payments for subscription and streaming services.

Automatic refund

Refund your customers fully or partially.

How Pix works?

The customer selects Pix as the payment method at checkout.
A QR code is generated for scanning, along with a code line for copy and paste.
The customer completes the payment directly in their financial institution’s app.
WEpayments processes the payment within 5 seconds.
Payment confirmation is instant for both the selling site and the end customer.

Receive worry-free


Quick settlement

Once the payment is approved, the amounts will be available in your balance within moments.

Scheduled or manual withdrawals

Schedule periodic withdrawals according to your business needs to any bank worldwide, at no cost.*
*One free daily withdrawal.

Benefits of WEpayments' Pix


As an authorized Pix participant institution, WE offers much more competitive and advantageous rates for your business.


Thousands of transactions processed per minute and over 90% approval of transactions within 30 seconds.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure operations are aligned with all local regulations.

Support for expansion

Expertise and strategic support to enhance and expand your business in Brazil.

Integrate your operation quickly and accelerate your time to market


Ensure quick and seamless integration with our RESTful API-based payment solution using JSON (Javascript Object Notation). Guarantee high scalability, transaction security, and system stability.


Process up to 20,000 payments at once with our dashboard. Access all API functionalities available in the Dashboard, including balance inquiries, payment status checks, and issuance of receipts.


Simplify your integration process with our Plug and Play tool for WooCommerce. Enjoy intuitive and personalized navigation during the setup of billing and checkout steps.

More than payments

Have a solution that boosts your operation and provides strategic support for expanding your business.


Support at every stage

The Sales Engineers team is ready to facilitate your journey from the implementation phase of the solution, as well as continuous alignment and maintenance to ensure an excellent experience for your business.

Focus on your success

A dedicated Customer Success area focused on finding solutions that positively impact your business, addressing your needs and goals, and driving the scalability of your operations in the Brazilian market.


Specialized support

Humanized support ready to ensure high-performance resolutions with minimal wait times, offering an exceptional experience for you and your customers.


Legal Assistance and Compliance

Legal support for constant adaptation to new regulations and maintenance of compliance standards required by Brazilian authorities.

Boost your performance and make instant sales with WEpayments' Pix