Reach all audiences using Brazil’s most traditional alternative payment method. Discover all the advantages of boleto with WEpayments.

Get to know Boleto

The boleto works similarly to a check or money order. A billing document is issued with details about the payment to be made, such as the amount and due date. This document can be paid in physical locations like bank branches or lottery houses and also online through the bank’s app. It is a popular payment method among Brazilians who do not have a bank account or prefer to avoid online transactions for security reasons. It offers a simple and secure way to make payments for both everyday purchases and more complex commercial transactions.
+ 0 billion

transactions per year*

*Source: Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen)
0 %
of Brazilians only have boleto  as a payment method*
*Source: Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen)
+ 0 million

registered users*

*Source: Market data average, varying by sector

Offer a traditional payment method without requiring online data sharing

Reach consumers who do not have bank accounts

Boleto is the payment method for 18% of the Brazilian population who do not have bank accounts*.
*Source: Central Bank of Brazil

Have a traditional payment method

The boleto is considered a secure means against fraud and disputes due to its advance payment method and limitation of sensitive client information.

Attract clients who prefer not to share data online

Provide a method that can be paid online and in physical locations (such as banks and lottery houses) and expand your sales to different types of consumers.

Easier for you to sell with WEpayments' boleto


Due date

Autonomy to set the billing time


Usability for payments made on different types of devices

Billing reminder

Reduce cart abandonment with personalized billing reminders


Personalize boletos with your brand or sub-accounts, such as mobile or desktop

Fees and fines

Mitigate late payments by charging additional fees for overdue payments*
*Applicable for some industries.


A safer payment method against fraud and disputes


Encourage payment via boleto by offering fixed or percentage discounts

How does the boleto work?

The client chooses the boleto payment method at checkout.
The payment slip is generated for online or physical payments.
We process the payment, and confirmation occurs on D+1.
After approval, the balance is transferred to the merchant.

Receive worry-free


Quick settlement

Once the payment is approved, the amounts will be available in your balance within moments.

Scheduled or manual withdrawals

Schedule periodic withdrawals according to your business needs to any bank worldwide, at no cost.*
*One free daily withdrawal.

Advantages of WEpayments' boleto


Avoid setbacks in the Brazilian banking network with a connection in billing issuance with redundancy.

Expansion support

Rely on local expertise and tools to improve and expand your business in Brazil.

Regulatory compliance

Guarantee operations aligned with all local regulations.

Integrate your operation quickly and accelerate your time to market


Ensure quick and seamless integration with our RESTful API-based payment solution using JSON (Javascript Object Notation). Guarantee high scalability, transaction security, and system stability.


Process up to 20,000 payments at once with our dashboard. Access all API functionalities available in the Dashboard, including balance inquiries, payment status checks, and issuance of receipts.


Simplify your integration process with our Plug and Play tool for WooCommerce. Enjoy intuitive and personalized navigation during the setup of billing and checkout steps.

More than payments

Have a solution that boosts your operation and provides strategic support for expanding your business.


Support at every stage

The Sales Engineers team is ready to facilitate your journey from the implementation phase of the solution, as well as continuous alignment and maintenance to ensure an excellent experience for your business.

Focus on your success

A dedicated Customer Success area focused on finding solutions that positively impact your business, addressing your needs and goals, and driving the scalability of your operations in the Brazilian market.


Specialized support

Humanized support ready to ensure high-performance resolutions with minimal wait times, offering an exceptional experience for you and your customers.


Legal Assistance and Compliance

Legal support for constant adaptation to new regulations and maintenance of compliance standards required by Brazilian authorities.

Experience the security and convenience of paying with WEpayments' boleto