Payment Methods

Boost your sales, attract new customers, and optimize operations with local payment methods.

Provide the main payment methods available in the Brazilian market



The most popular instant payment among Brazilians, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.


An alternative cash-based method with payments in physical environments. Reach traditional customers and the unbanked population


Credit card

Accept major national and international credit cards to maximize approval rates for both single and installment payments.


With WEpayments, your business achieves a new level in the Brazilian market

Count on our payment solutions to access the right opportunities. Enhance your growth strategy by providing alternative payment methods to the local audience.

Excellence in performance and availability

High-performance operations

We provide secure payment operations for betting companies with 99.9% API uptime and the capacity to handle up to 5,000 transactions per minute.

Real-time monitoring

We maximize performance and uptime with a tech team that provides 24/7 monitoring to quickly identify and resolve any disruptions.

Safety in redundancy

Efficiency supported by advanced technology and partnerships with multiple providers ensures the success of your operation.

WEpayments is a Payment Institution authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil

We offer the assurance of technological, financial, and regulatory security to help businesses reach a new level of operational excellence.

Integrate your operation quickly and accelerate your time to market


Ensure quick and seamless integration with our RESTful API-based payment solution using JSON (Javascript Object Notation). Guarantee high scalability, transaction security, and system stability.


Process up to 20,000 payments at once with our dashboard. Access all API functionalities available in the Dashboard, including balance inquiries, payment status checks, and issuance of receipts.


Simplify your integration process with our Plug and Play tool for WooCommerce. Enjoy intuitive and personalized navigation during the setup of billing and checkout steps.

More than payments

Have a solution that boosts your operation and provides strategic support for expanding your business.


Support at every stage

The Sales Engineers team is ready to facilitate your journey from the implementation phase of the solution, as well as continuous alignment and maintenance to ensure an excellent experience for your business.

Focus on your success

A dedicated Customer Success area focused on finding solutions that positively impact your business, addressing your needs and goals, and driving the scalability of your operations in the Brazilian market.


Specialized support

Humanized support ready to ensure high-performance resolutions with minimal wait times, offering an exceptional experience for you and your customers.


Legal Assistance and Compliance

Legal support for constant adaptation to new regulations and maintenance of compliance standards required by Brazilian authorities.

Rely on WEpayments to turn your business growth plans into reality