Together WE rock!

We are proud to be building a new chapter in the global payments market. At WEpayments, it’s the collective effort that prevails. Together, we reach new heights and pave the way for professionals focused on their clients and operational excellence.

About WEpayments

We are WEpayments, a comprehensive solutions platform for receiving cross-border payments and making payments to third parties within Brazil. Our journey began in 2019 with the goal of connecting Brazil to the world, and we continue to leverage our operations to connect the world to WE.


Solve complexities in the payment process with prioritization and fluidity.


Establish authority in the payment market with specialized solutions for specific segments.


We do the right thing, always

• Start by trusting people, admit mistakes, and always speak the truth.
• Give feedback to your colleagues and teams whenever necessary.
• Communicate clearly: know when to say “yes” and how to say “no”.

We share achievements

• Celebrate accomplishments.
• Take care of yourself and maintain balance.
• Treat people with kindness and respect.

Together, we go further

Exercise empathy.
Stay in motion and seek constant learning and evolution.
Don’t judge and always question.

We are different

Share problems and solutions.
Be passionate about the problem, but aim for the solution.
Prioritize your actions based on the impacts they will have on clients.

We deliver impactful results

Know the OKRs and our indicators: focus on effective results for the team and WE.
Understand the needs of our internal and external clients to stay focused on them.
Be flexible and adapt to changes.

The WErocker way of working


Remote and semi-flexible model

Health and dental plan without deductions or co-payments

Assistance with the cost of courses and training


Annual bonus based on achieving OKRs


Performance evaluation twice a year and regular PDIs

Meal voucher and flexible monthly benefits

Get to know the areas that make things happen at WEpayments


Fernanda Zago


Matheus Gobato

Account Management

Helena Bassani


Caio Roslindo

Customer Experience

Kelli Ribeiro




Emerson Vendruscolo


Thamira Machado

Growth Marketing

Annia Gástelum

Legal and Compliance

Larissa Iwai


Fernanda Bonelli

Performance & Innovation

Ângelo Starick


Ana Beatriz Camata


Alberto Pereira

WETech: learn more about our technology teams

We operate in the areas of integrations, platform, operations, and internal product development.

Check out some of our technologies:

Programming languages: PHP and Golang (Back-end), JavaScript and Node.js (Front-end)

Frameworks: Laravel, React, Styled Components, Material UI, and Redux

Microservices architecture

Unit testing: Jest

The product and development teams work with great synergy. We work together to ensure a collective vision of goals and added value and to maintain a team that grows, delivers, and collaborates without losing its essence.

Head of Products
Bia Camata

Talk, WErocker!

Check out testimonials from some of our WErockers:


Conceived and led by WErockers, the #WeAreHumanBeings committee organizes discussions, actions, and campaigns aimed at impacting both the internal and external community and fostering reflections on relevant societal issues.

See the photos of some initiatives:

Festa Junina for everyone

The WErockers came together to raise money, organize baskets of traditional Festa Junina sweets, and distribute them to people experiencing homelessness.

Menstrual dignity

Action carried out in partnership with the Feminine Dignity Project. In this initiative, we collected hygiene items (pads, wet wipes, and soaps) for women in vulnerable situations.

Children's Month

Fundraising and purchasing sweets for the children of the Jardim Modelo neighborhood (SJP, Curitiba). We exceeded the action's goal by 330%, purchasing over 3,000 sweets.

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Wow, what a pity!

We don’t have any openings outside of Brazil yet.

Take a look at our careers page in Portuguese and follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with WE.

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