Our mission is to redefine high-volume payment processing

In 2019, Fernanda Zago and Matheus Gobato brought a dream to life, combining their journeys and expertise to found what would become WEpayments. With a focus on connecting the world to Brazil through high-performance payment solutions, the founders developed the project aiming to positively impact the creation of relationships between businesses and clients.

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We were born as WEpayout, a platform focused on third-party payments (payouts)

Our story began in 2019 with the creation of WEpayout, an online payment platform focused on becoming the best Brazilian payouts company for cross-border merchants.

Based in Curitiba, Paraná, our pioneering team initiated operations.


We developed payment acceptance solutions (pay-in)

As the company grew, diversifying its client acquisition strategy and focusing on clients from various other middle-market segments and new market needs, we began offering billing solutions (pay-in) for consumers and end users, focusing our efforts on delivering high-performance services for companies increasing their volumes during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Pix and the first billion in processed volume

WEpayments was a pioneer in offering Pix payout via API. While other companies focused on payment acceptance processing, WE launched its product and became a market reference.

Following the introduction of Pix, Brazil’s most well-known payment method, we adapted our operations and started offering this method to our clients via API in record time, delivering the same experience as Brazilian companies to cross-border clients. This year, we also reached the milestone of R$1 billion in processed volume.


We became WEpayments

Evolution is part of our DNA, and in 2022, we realized that the name WEpayout limited our horizons and the solutions we offered our clients.

In this year, WEpayments took shape, maintaining our focus on delivering specialized, scalable solutions to solve our clients’ complex problems in the payments market.

The complete rebranding of our visual identity boosted the business, and as WEpayments, we reached a new milestone: R$2 billion in processed volume on our platform.

Also in 2022, we became a Scale-up Fintech, one of the smallest startups accepted into Endeavor’s scaling program.


We became a Payment Institution authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil

In 2023, we received the Central Bank’s license to operate as a Payment Institution (PI) and electronic currency issuer and payment facilitator (IPI). We leveraged the development of our solutions and the reach of our clients by offering much more security, as Bacen began to directly supervise the company.


We continue to develop, influencing more and more people

In 2024, Fernanda Zago, co-founder of WE, received the Identity Awards in the “Most Influential Women in the Industry” category. The award, created by Caf, aims to highlight leaders who have a prominent role in collaborative management and impact in the sector.

We dreamed of creating a company where people could develop personally, professionally, and financially.


Fernanda Zago, Co-founder and CEO


Matheus Gobato, Co-founder and CTO

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At WEpayments, we carry the project of connecting the world to Brazil through high-performance payment solutions that positively impact the creation of relationships between businesses and clients.